Students will monitor the gene expression of numerous genes using a technique called microarray analysis. The class can analyze the difference in gene expression in breast caner tissue and compare that to non-cancer tissue. Students will learn about how cells control their expression of genes, what kinds of regulations are necessary and what genes and pathways are affected in cancer cells.

Microarray video based on the BIOTECH Project lab activity

Microarray Powerpoint [ Missing Link ]

Student Guide [ Missing Link ]

Teacher Guide [ Missing Link ]

Readings for students about cancer:

Roots of Cancer.pdf

Hallmarks of Cancer.pdf

In order to understand cancer, you need to understand gene regulation, Khan Academy has a nice overview of gene regulation

Gene regulation and Caner from CK12, includes an assessment tool


Relating microarrays to COVD19:

Check out HHMI's Virochip, microarrays being used to test for many viruses on one slide