COVID-19 Teaching Resources

COVID19 Teaching Resources




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Resources about Corona Virus, RT PCR Testing, Immunological Testing, Vaccines, Clinical Trials.  Check back as this will be updated as more information becomes available.

NEW!--BIOINFORMATICS SARS CoV-2 Vaccine Target Lesson

Race for Vaccine Nature article from April 28, 2020

A promising Vaccine is being developed by a company in Massachusetts, Moderna.  They are targeting the Spike Protein.  For more information check out the YouTube and the Moderna website

Bad News Wrapped in Protein a look at the proteins of SARS CoV-2

Coming soon--lesson on SARS CoV-2 proteins

Primer/Probe BLAST

Students will learn about RT-PCR testing of SARS CoV-2, and using the CDC recommended primer and probe sets, students will BLAST and identify SARS CoV-2 sequences.  The number of SARS CoV-2 sequences are increasing every day.  Students can also look at all SARS sequences, as well as Beta Coronavirus sequences to get a better understanding of this family of viruses. 

Virtual Lab Activity-CDC Primer/Probe BLAST - Take a look at SARS CoV-2 sequences

Virtual Instruction of Bacterial Transformation with PCR and BLAST These lessons were designed by Rick Heupel from Salpointe High School to be able to utilize BIOTECH Project Transformation and PCR lab activities for his biotechnology students

Introduction Lesson

Lesson 1-Transformation

    Bacterial transformation GFPplasmid

Lesson 2-Transformation/PCR

    PCR_GFP in pBAD-GFPuv

Lesson 3-BLAST

   Determine sequence of PCR

   Sequence Results

Lesson 4-Regulation Hypothesis

    pBAD-GFPuv regulated expression

Lesson Summary


ELISA testing for SARS CoV2  video to complement the virtual lab activity

ELISA powerpoint

ELISA powerpoint with voice over by Cindy [Missing Link]

Immune System Overview

Two more simple and shorter immune system explained videos

Immune System by the Amoeba Sisters

Ted-Ed Immune System Video


Students will monitor the gene expression of numerous genes using a technique called microarray analysis. The class can analyze the difference in gene expression in breast caner tissue and compare that to non-cancer tissue. Students will learn about how cells control their expression of genes, what kinds of regulations are necessary and what genes and pathways are affected in cancer cells.

Microarray video based on the BIOTECH Project lab activity

Microarray Powerpoint [ Missing Link ]

Student Guide  [ Missing Link ]

Teacher Guide  [ Missing Link ]

Readings for students about cancer:

Roots of Cancer.pdf

Hallmarks of Cancer.pdf

In order to understand cancer, you need to understand gene regulation, Khan Academy has a nice overview of gene regulation

Gene regulation and Caner from CK12, includes an assessment tool

Relating microarrays to COVD19:

Check out HHMI's Virochip, microarrays being used to test for many viruses on one slide