The BIOTECH Project is in BSW 249, 1041 E Lowell St Tucson Arizona 85721.

If you are driving west on 6th from Campbell, you will drive past Highland.  There are two ways to access BSW.   1) Turn right before the 6th St Garage.  Stay far right otherwise you will enter the garage (which you can use but costs $2.00 per hour), and turn left at the roundabout. Or 2) continue to Park Ave and turn right, then turn right on the first street.   Now you are on Lowell.  There are two small parking lots, each with 2 20 min spots, the second of which is right next to BSW (BSW is west of the lot).  There is one more 20 min parking directly across Lowell from BSW.  In addition, you can pull into the loading dock inbetween BSW and the building just west of it. Pull into there and call the lab 520-626-4664 and we can bring things out for you.  Do not leave your car unattended in this lot, popular spot for ticketing.

If you are driving east on 6th, you will need to turn left on Park Ave.  Follow the above direction. Under no circumstance would I recommend you take Park from Speedway, unless you have all the time in the world.

See map for more details.  Beware of students, they are so oblivious to cars, guess it's kind of Darwin's Award, but it'll ruin your day to hit a student.