Biotechnology Laboratory Activities

In addition to all of the laboratory activities and support provided by the UA BIOTECH Project, this partnership is working on developing new laboratory activities:

              New Fungus Activity!


     > Penicillium Antibiotic Effect

         Protein analysis:

     > SDS-Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (no prot conc assay)


     > SDS-Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis with Bradford Assay


     > Western Blotting

      > Enzymatic Activity of Cellobiase:

         (aka BioFuels from BioRad)                   

                    * One ml cuvette version

                    * Four ml cuvette version

              Detection of GMO DNA:


      > PCR for 35S Promoter in Corn


      > Determine If Your Food is Genetically Modified

              Extra reading:

                    * The New Breed

                    * A Hard Look at GM Crops


      > DNA Barcoding of Insects

               Extra Reading

                     * Scientific American

                     * Stoeckle

                     * Herbert

      > DNA Barcoding Sequence Analysis using DNA Subway


       > Mitochondrial DNA--Gateway to Your Heredity


       > Comparing PCR of a Single Loci to Restriction Digest of the Entire Genome



       > Identification of Bacterial Species

              Extra Material:

                    * Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing

                    * Gram Staining

              Extra Reading

                    * 16S rDNA Sequence Analysis


       > Transformation with GFP and

       > PCR of GFP (staining with Methylene Blue)

       > PCR of GFP (staining with Ethidium Bromide)

              Extra material:

                    * Sequencing the PCR Product

                    * GFP sequence

                    * Regulation of pBAD promoter


       > Design Your Primer


       > C. elegan Mutant Genetic

              Extra material:

                  * Nemotode Growth Media and Passaging of C. elegan

                  * C. elegan Life Cycle                  


Coming Soon:

       > UTI Analysis